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Effortless Meditation & Beyond Workshop~Playshop

  • OneCircle Center 3804 Littleton Street Silver Spring, MD, 20906 (map)

“We found this form of meditation to be both deepening and enlightening. The positive effects of pervading peace and joy could be felt within a few days. We are so honored to offer these workshops.”
~ Tania & Stream, OneCircle Center

Effortless Meditation & Beyond is one of the easiest, quickest, most direct, most effective and most effortless meditations to find True Peace, Happiness, Freedom, Love and to get at least a glimpse of What you really Are and to deepen into this Realization...

Join us for an all-day workshop~playshop where we will meditate, explore and play. 

Sunday, October 14th   10:00 am – 12:30 pm  and  2:00 pm – 4:30 pm   ($20/session, $35/day)

Sunday, October 28th   10:00 am – 12:30 pm  and  2:00 pm – 4:30 pm   ($20/session, $35/day)

Potluck lunch both days from 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm

If you do BOTH full days the cost is just $60 plus you get ONE private phone/Skype session during the two weeks of October 15-27



OneCircle Center   3804 Littleton Street   Silver Spring, Maryland 20906  

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"I have known Jeff for many years and I am continually appreciative of his loving presence as he provides a non-judgmental space to hold whatever is coming up for me. I can show up exactly as I am and he meets me where I am in my humanness, all the while pointing back to What I Really Am. Thank you so much, Jeff!" ~ Julie

~ ~ ~

“Amazing meditation technique! Experience of ‘spatial awareness' is really profound. There is nothing to repeat, nothing to concentrate on – just a simple, effective meditation.” ~ Padma 

~ ~ ~

"Hi Jeff, thanks again for an amazing session! You have a keen emotional sensitivity, and a rare understanding of how to work with the mind, body, and emotions to clear old / stuck energy. Your method is simple yet powerful. I’ve continued using the techniques you showed me, and continue to reap benefits. I feel inspired to know I now have a new tool that I can use to work through difficult memories and emotions...

Furthermore, I appreciate your patient & gentle approach, and the amount of heart, attention, generosity, and commitment you have brought to our interactions over the brief period of time since we met. It's been a pleasure to become acquainted with you, and I hope to stay in touch and continue to learn from & share experiences with you. Warm regards," ~ David 


This workshop~playshop with Jeff Maurer and May All Beings Awaken LLC is not intended in any way to be a replacement for, or a substitute to, qualified medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, or as a replacement for, or a substitute to, any other recovery program.

This workshop~playshop is not a replacement for, or a substitute to, psychological advice, diagnosis or treatment, or therapy from a licensed medical professional. Jeff Maurer is not a physician or health care professional and cannot and will not diagnose any disorder, condition or illness and does not profess to treat or cure any disorder, condition or illness.

I understand that even though the focus of this workshop~playshop is the EM&B meditation itself, strong emotional experiences may show up and I may be processing personal experiences in the presence of others.

I understand that I am solely and exclusively responsible for my own health and well-being and I voluntarily choose to participate, fully aware of the possibility of emotional or mental discomfort. I understand that if I have a previously diagnosed psychological issue, treatment or disorder, I have a responsibility to inform Jeff Maurer prior to participating in this workshop~playshop.

I know, understand and consent to the fact that I may discontinue my participation in the workshop~playshop at any time and that it is fully my own, exclusive responsibility to know when the discontinuing is in my best interests.

I understand that this EM&B workshop~playshop is Sacred Space and that, in addition to my own experiences, I may also be a witness to the personal and emotional processing of others. I understand that what happens in the meditation session stays in the session and I will not share with anyone outside of the group, unless I am speaking about my own personal experiences. I also understand that Jeff Maurer is the facilitator and I will not interfere while he is working with others.

I hereby release Jeff Maurer and May All Beings Awaken LLC from any and all liability, including expenses, injury, loss, or death related to or arising out of my participation in this group meditation. I also understand that Jeff Maurer cannot guarantee a specific outcome from this workshop~playshop.

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