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Finding Inner Peace in the Midst of Overwhelm - An EM&B Workshop~Playshop

  • Jeff's House 3 Briardale Court Derwood, MD 20855 (map)

“We found this form of meditation to be both deepening and enlightening…” ~ Tania & Stream, OneCircle Center

Do you feel emotionally stressed and overwhelmed? Whether it's about your holiday to-do list, a specific situation you are dealing with, or your life in general, do you feel like you are on a physical or emotional treadmill you can never get off of and it’s all just too much? 

Join Jeff Maurer and Julie Klopp for an afternoon workshop~playshop to learn how to use Effortless Meditation & Beyond to bring more Presence, Peace and Spaciousness into your life.

This workshop will cover:

Effortless Meditation & Beyond: Many people report that mindfulness meditation and mantra meditation do not work for them, but EM&B meditation really does work! It works because it IS effortless, easy to learn and can be done anytime and anywhere.  Find out how to use EM&B meditation to rest in and as This Spacious Awareness that is What you really Are and to be This Spaciousness even in overwhelming, stressful times! There is no breathwork, no mantra, no visualizations – just a deeper and deeper surrendering to What you really Are. 

Exploring your own triggers: Learn how to consciously be Present to the stories and emotions that cause you to react with a sense of upset and overwhelm around having too much to do, allowing you to fully meet and release these stories and emotions.  When our inner world feels less chaotic, our outer world feels less stressful and overwhelming.

And a little play: Free-form movement and chanting to Deva Premal in whatever way you feel moved.

Both awakening to What we really Are and dealing directly with our emotional triggers can have very practical applications with regard to finding more Peace, Freedom and Spaciousness in our daily lives. 

From This Spacious Awareness of our True Self, we can find that life moves more smoothly no matter how much we have on our to-do list. We may even find our priorities shifting and find ourselves letting go of things that we discover are not truly important to us.

$25 suggested donation

PAY AT THE DOOR BY CASH OR CHECK (made out to Jeff Maurer)



Here are some testimonials from previous EM&B Workshop~Playshops:

  • “I'm glad I attended Saturday. I felt good for (name) that she felt better afterwards. I attribute that to the caring, non-judgmental, encouraging, and serene environment you two created.” ~ Dan

  • "This was a great workshop of heartfelt meditation, open heart sharing … warm hugs, and OM chanting that provided a beautiful experience of Oneness. Thank you Jeff and Julie for your dedication." ~ Rani 

  • "Thank you for the openness and gentle presence of the workshop, which allowed one to go effortlessly into meditation." ~ Mandara

  • "Thank you. So grateful to know you… Spending time with you is one of few things I enjoy more than nothing." ~ Peter

  • "The meditation was deepening, the sangha was focused, the sharing was engaging, in a word, the session was great! Thank you." ~ Kathy


This workshop~playshop with Jeff Maurer, Julie Klopp and May All Beings Awaken LLC is not intended in any way to be a replacement for, or a substitute to, qualified medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, or as a replacement for, or a substitute to, any other recovery program.

This workshop~playshop is not a replacement for, or a substitute to, psychological advice, diagnosis or treatment, or therapy from a licensed medical professional. Jeff Maurer and Julie Klopp are not physicians or health care professionals and cannot and will not diagnose any disorder, condition or illness and does not profess to treat or cure any disorder, condition or illness.

I understand that strong emotional experiences may show up during this workshop~playshop and I may be processing personal experiences in the presence of others.

I understand that I am solely and exclusively responsible for my own health and well-being and I voluntarily choose to participate, fully aware of the possibility of emotional or mental discomfort. I understand that if I have a previously diagnosed psychological issue, treatment or disorder, I have a responsibility to inform Jeff Maurer and/or Julie Klopp prior to participating in this workshop~playshop.

I know, understand and consent to the fact that I may discontinue my participation in the workshop~playshop at any time and that it is fully my own, exclusive responsibility to know when the discontinuing is in my best interests.

I understand that this EM&B workshop~playshop is Sacred Space and that, in addition to my own experiences, I may also be a witness to the personal and emotional processing of others. I understand that what happens in this workshop stays in this workshop and I will not share with anyone outside of the group, unless I am speaking about my own personal experiences. I also understand that Jeff Maurer and Julie Klopp are the facilitators and I will not interfere while he or she is working with others.

I hereby release Jeff Maurer, Julie Klopp and May All Beings Awaken LLC from any and all liability, including expenses, injury, loss, or death related to or arising out of my participation in this group workshop~playshop. I also understand that Jeff Maurer and Julie Klopp cannot guarantee a specific outcome from this workshop~playshop.

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