"Jeff, thanks again for an amazing session! You have a keen emotional sensitivity, and a rare understanding of how to work with the mind, body, and emotions to clear old / stuck energy. Your method is simple yet powerful. I’ve continued using the techniques you showed me, and continue to reap benefits. I feel inspired to know I now have a new tool that I can use to work through difficult memories and emotions... 

Furthermore, I appreciate your patient & gentle approach, and the amount of heart, attention, generosity, and commitment you have brought to our interactions over the brief period of time since we met. It's been a pleasure to become acquainted with you, and I hope to stay in touch and continue to learn from & share experiences with you. Warm regards." ~ David Peter Jensen

"Jeff knows on the deepest level the space that is aware of everything and includes everything from life's moments of pure bliss in 'Being' to moments of being completely caught up in stuff. He lives out of that space inside of him and interacts with people as a pointer to that same space inside of them. Jeff is the real deal!" ~ Sally

"I have known Jeff for more than 10 yrs. I met him first time at a spiritual singles event hosted by him at his place. This was a video satsang with Gangaji who is a spiritual teacher from the lineage of Maharishi Ramana. During the satsang we sat in silence, watched a video of Gangaji and shared insights from the video. I was struck by the peace and calmness of the space which almost felt sacred. Very soon after, he introduced me to the weekly Gangaji video gatherings that he hosted at his house. The group was more intimate and the sharings were beautiful, deep, and heart opening. Jeff’s open heart welcome, discipline, patience, compassion, unconditional love and support made it possible to openly express and share whatever was evoked in these gatherings. People respected each other and it felt a safe and non-judgmental environment. I was so inspired that I became a regular at these gatherings. Later on, Jeff started offering individual sessions to people. I had the privilege to be one of the few people with whom he practiced his spiritual counseling skills which grew exponentially as a result of his true dedication and deep intention to support people on this path.

The core of Jeff’s teaching is to 'Allow' whatever is appearing in the consciousness at any given moment including any thoughts, emotions, bodily reactions etc. etc. without indulging or suppressing them. In doing so, one realizes 'What is Untouched and Free of All' and how we tend to overlook IT. Over the years, I have had innumerable individual sessions with Jeff and have seen him working with people in group settings. He ALWAYS made himself available whenever I needed his support. My personal experiences in sessions with him have been very gratifying given any circumstance where I felt stuck or caught in my identification with the Ego. His whole hearted support helped me get through several challenging situations and bring more ‘Peace’ into my life. He enabled me to touch depths of my heart that were unknown to me before. Each session with him felt like a fresh breath of life. He also respects the privacy and safety of people. As a result, the group sharings are much more open, deep, and unconditional. I feel so blessed to have the privilege of his inspiring Presence in my life. He is an embodiment of ‘True Love and Friendship’….." ~ Jasmeet Sethi (Rani)

"When I attended my first meeting at Jeff's residence, I was apprehensive and scared. I didn't know what to expect because fear ruled almost every aspect of my life. Every action, every thought, every emotion was a product of fear. It was the fear that kept me from opening to the life I was made to live. Talking with Jeff and the group was a life changing experience. I KNEW that I had found home, and not a classical idea of a home but the actual realization of what being home felt and meant.

Over the years, those thoughts revealed the cruel patterns of my mind and how my life was a slave to all thoughts which came and went at a whim. I learned then to be aware, observe and at times, laugh at the thoughts because now, they did not possess me nor did they have weight in my life. Most importantly, I learned to STOP and know that I am not my thoughts. I don't have to be a slave to them; I can watch them come and go, I can be still and I can BE.

My growth and awareness has never stopped."  ~ In Peace, Sanjeev Sharma

"I would like to thank you. Thank you for opening my eyes to the truth. I am now able to get glimpses of my True Self. With your guidance, assistance and Love l am able to stop at any moment in my life, center myself, and make the next decision from a place of peace. To allow thoughts to flow, without having to latch on to them, or entertain them.

You have taught me not just lessons, but truth that I can and have applied to my life. When I utilize this knowledge in my life, awareness of being taught fades, and the truth shines through. I have learned to trust my inner voice; to allow my fear to surface, recognize it, investigate it, and let it go.

I have experienced a lot of hurt, pain and fear in my past, which I chose to bring into the present. This led to a lot of anger and strife in my life. With your help I was able to dive into that anger, dive into that hurt. As past images of my troubled youth surfaced in my mind, I was able to allow these thoughts to arise, and not indulge in them. Taking away their power. Resting in that hurt and anger, the pain dissolved - leaving me floating in emptiness and wholeness at the same time.

I have experience that at all times my ego is trying to enlarge itself. I can take notice of this at any moment, and be aware of where these thoughts are coming from; to not just react to situations, but just Be and allow.

It is not the destination, but the enjoyment of the journey that is truly worthwhile. I have learned and experienced things about myself that have been incredible, and could not have happened any other way. Thank you Jeff for sharing your life, your Peace, your strength and your time with me.  I Am."  Love  ~ Jason M. (jail inmate)

"Jeff walked in and I was ready. The group was a small handfull of inmates about five in total. I was immediately comfortable and he told us to relax. He turned off the lights and told us to close our eyes. He spoke with a calm and peaceful voice and took breaks in between instructions. He instructed exactly what I predicted, relax and think about your breathing but that wasn't all. He instructed us to allow all thoughts to come to our minds and I did. Then the key component, the secret he told us was to not continue or follow through with the thoughts, just let them come in and out. Bingo! Jackpot!!! Got it! That was the secret all along. Because me being a dreamer, always following through with more imagination and then I finally stop. Then the most important image he gave after that, was our thoughts was like clouds passing by in the sky. With that symbolism, it was finally clear. Let my thoughts flow by like the clouds and eventually my thoughts minimized like the open space in the sky with no clouds. Then my thoughts became less and less, and then I stopped thinking about things all together. Then finally, Peace, Tranquility, and Serenity! Jackpot!!! Thank you Jeff! GOD BLESS!!!" ~ Kenric G. (jail inmate)

"It was during one of my private sessions with Jeff that I began to experience myself as the center of creation. Perceptions, thoughts, feelings, sensations would rise and fall within the empty spaciousness.

In my daily life as I became aware of all my senses - hearing, taste, smell, sight and feelings - they became portals to the spaciousness and peace of Being. This was a way to have a direct experience with more and more identification with Being and less identification with ego.

I am eternally grateful for Jeff's patience and guidance. There is indeed a way out of or through the suffering of the ego. I look forward to a life of more and more unfoldment and deepening of the peace that I am."  ~ Susan N.

"For me, Jeff’s softly guided and very unique meditation works every single time with or without eyes open or shut. … There is nothing to repeat, nothing to concentrate on - just a simple, effective meditation. … Thank you Jeff for sharing and teaching this effortless technique." ~ Padma

“If you never experienced one of Jeff's guided meditations, you are missing out. He has a soothing tone and is able to bring you to that quiet place within. This meetup is friendly and comfortable. Thank you, Jeff. ” ~ Mary

"It was a really nice gathering with awesome people... Thank you Jeff for organizing and generously opening your home and leading us to an awesome meditation... Really enjoyed it..." ~ Roya Dorost

"Jeff has been extremely helpful and generous with his time. He has been someone with whom I could converse on the subject of awakening which has been of immense assistance as I have gone through this transformation. I am tremendously grateful to have had his guidance." ~ Amy Marx