“Julie, I can’t thank you enough for holding me through some powerful inquiry today.  I actually feel like there is a little crack of light in the story I have carried, sometimes dormant and buried within, of who I am for the past 30 years.  Could it be that it is not true?  That it is really built on a pile of thoughts, images and sensations that I mistook as my own true identity?  I don’t know if this glimmer of light will last… but I sure am enjoying it while it does.  And I am looking forward to delving in even more.  God bless you for the work you do.  Thank you. oxox”   ~ J.M.   Ontario

“I highly recommend Julie. I will always be grateful to her for the inner journeys we took together and the resulting life shifts and changes that occurred for me. The sessions themselves went to very unexpected places – very old and painful deep-seated traumas that I had been pushing away/ignoring my whole life. I had never thought to work on them before because they were hidden away. I didn’t even remember one of them until the sessions brought it forward, and the others had flowed through every great now and then but got filed away immediately. It is pretty incredible how the mind does this.

The sessions were hard, as I was embarrassed about some of the situations but Julie smoothly kept me on track and she felt open and supportive. One of the traumatic situations would not let go and we kept at it and now when I think of it, there is barely anything left around it. This situation felt like it affected my entire life, as it happened when I was very little. I was humiliated by it and the other traumas which were also very old. I had not realized how they were affecting my life and what I was doing to keep them at bay.

I can see now that buying things I don’t need is a way to keep the pain away. Now life feels so much more open and freer. It feels like there is a lot more space around me – especially inner space. There is no way I could put into words the changes I feel in my being. Not buying things I don’t need is an “outer” result of the inner shifts. It’s a huge relief to my pocket book, and the inner freedom was so, so worth the journey.”  ~ N.B.  Oregon

“Over the past year, I’ve done almost weekly sessions with Julie. And it’s AMAZING how much my life has changed! I’ve let go of relationships that were causing me pain, I’ve developed amazing new friendships, I finally KNOW, in my bones, that I deserve to be happy and deserve to be loved. My relationships with my three grown daughters has improved. My business is thriving and I am LOVING doing my work! I’ve said many times, on my intense twenty-year personal growth/healing/spiritual journey that the day I’d wake up consistently with a feeling of peace, I’d be done. I have that now!!!

And the strangest development for me is that I now feel patient about my journey. If you knew me, you’d know how huge that is, because I’ve always felt so urgent and driven to work through my issues, clear my crap! Now I have trust and I’m happy to deal with things in whatever way they’re showing up, just trusting life’s rhythm. I’ve been working with Julie on and off for about three years now, and our work together just keeps getting better. Not sure if she’s getting better or if we’re getting to know each other more, and continually working better together, but I’m incredibly grateful to have her support. I’ve worked with dozens of professionals and facilitators over the years, and there’s currently no one else I want to work with.”  ~ E.S.   Illinois

“With a background as a medical doctor and a very sincere amateur classical cello player I can tell you that Julie Klopp is truly amazing. She is very professional and sincere in her work with the inquires and also “plays her facilitation-instrument” with the easiness as only professional does. She is very creative and uses this in her work with the inquires. I have enjoyed working with Julie even with very difficult subjects and with her steady way of working I feel I have come very far. Her personal sweetness over shines the sessions and gives them a very lovely flavor.” ~  P.S.H.   Denmark

“Julie’s patience, precision, intuition and warmth, among many other qualities, allowed me to feel perfectly safe as we mined the present moment together.  I have felt perfectly taken care of during my inquiries with Julie, and I recommend her most highly as a highly skilled facilitator.”   ~ P.G.    Hawaii