"The strongest addiction we have is the addiction to our thoughts!
And it's ABSOLUTELY POSSIBLE to be Free of that addiction..."

To discover if Effortless Meditation & Beyond (EM&B) resonates in you, please check out the information below.


EM&B is for you if:

  • you want to experience less stress and more Peace

  • you have never meditated

  • you say you can't meditate

  • you have meditated for years, or even decades, and still haven't Realized your True Self - What you really Are...

  • you are afraid to wake up because you think you will lose your humanness


EM&B can substantially reduce the impact of your negative thoughts or feelings of:

  • stress, overwhelm

  • anxiety, worry, fear

  • sadness, depression, grief

  • frustration, anger, rage

  • hatred, self-hatred

  • impatience, perfectionism

  • hurt, disappointment

  • sadness, grief, despair

  • guilt, shame, regret

  • unworthiness, low self-esteem, unlovability

  • not being good enough, being a failure

  • being isolated, alone, abandoned, incapacitated

  • fear of dying

  • being unenlightened

  • in a nutshell - SUFFERING!!


What EM&B reveals is:

  • more and more Unconditional Contentment, Fulfillment and Peace of mind

  • more and more Unconditional subtle Joy and Happiness

  • more and more Unconditional Freedom from all suffering

  • more and more Unconditional Love

  • more and more Unconditional Compassion, Appreciation and Gratitude

  • more and more connection to Higher Intelligence and Creativity

  • more and more Beingness or Presence

  • more and more of a sense of being truly Home

  • more and more Realization of your True Self, which is spiritual Enlightenment or Awakening

  • Being more and more fully human and at the same time being more and more Free of being human...


  • no mantra

  • no focusing on the breath

  • no guided visualizations

  • no need to do a body scan

  • no specific body posture or hand position required

  • no electronic technology needed

  • EM&B is more flexible than meditative music or sounds of rain, ocean, waterfall, etc.

  • EM&B requires very little training

  • EM&B is easier, simpler and more effortless than mindfulness meditation or mantra meditation

  • EM&B is one of the most direct, quickest and most deeply effective meditations to experience Enlightenment

  • EM&B can be done with the eyes open or closed

  • EM&B can be done for any length of time: for just 10 - 30 seconds; for 1, 5, 10 or 20 minutes; for a few hours; even 24/7

  • EM&B can be done while in relationship with others, whether that experience is loving, confrontational or anywhere in between - with your partner, the clerk at a store, your pet, etc.

  • EM&B can be done anywhere - in your home, at your office, in social situations, while shopping, while exercising, while driving (eyes open, of course), etc.

  • EM&B can be done during mind experiences ~

    • powerful mind-storms

    • busy/racing/ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) thoughts

    • frustrating/hateful thoughts

    • sad/depressing thoughts

    • worrying/fearful thoughts

    • crazy thoughts

    • stressed-out thoughts

    • Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder (OCD) thoughts

    • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) thoughts

    • Bipolar Disorder (manic/depression) thoughts

    • and even during positive, joyful thoughts

  • EM&B can be done during emotional experiences ~ anger, hurt, sadness, fear, grief; and even during happy, peaceful, loving experiences.

  • EM&B can be done during body experiences ~ painful experiences such as physical trauma, sickness (such as the flu, diabetes, cancer or chemo), heart attacks, kidney stone attacks, giving birth; and even pleasant experiences such as eating a good meal, participating in sports or other physical activities, massage, love-making, etc.

  • The EM&B meditations themselves are totally FREE of charge. Many meditation courses cost hundreds of dollars. In recognizing the personal and global suffering in these times I cannot, in good conscience, charge people for this potentially profound life-changing and world-changing meditation.


  • EM&B is simple, easy and virtually effortless because it is not a focused meditation requiring coming back to a mantra or the breath. EM&B is an unfocused meditation during which you naturally come back to What you really Are. It is about Surrender... It is about Awakening... It is about a deeper and deeper realization of your True Self...

  • EM&B is profoundly effective for finding True Peace, Freedom, Happiness and Love...

  • EM&B can be done whenever you want, wherever you want, under any circumstance, for however long you want, for however many times a day you want and with your eyes open or closed. Whatever works for YOU and it is totally YOUR CHOICE!

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