"To identify with your thoughts or identify with your True Self ~
that is your most profound choice..."

Our purpose is to support your desire to experience less anxiety, worry, depression and stress; and to experience more peace, freedom, happiness, love, compassion and even the call to Spiritual Awakening...

Spiritual Awakening is about realizing that What we really already Are is This Awareness in which all our thoughts, emotions, sensations, bodies appear, exist for awhile, and disappear...

We may not realize that we are This Spaciousness because of our very strong identification with our thoughts and emotions, which distracts us from recognizing This Presence that we already Are. In other words, we think we are our thoughts, emotions and bodies. However, these are limited, impermanent and changeable. As a result, we are constantly trying to manipulate our experiences to achieve or get back to what we feel is fully satisfying and get away from what we think is unpleasant. So we either cling to our present experience, try to repeat it, desire a different one, or simply outright reject it - all of which lead to suffering.

"The Cosmic Joke is that what we have been searching for - Peace, Happiness, Freedom, Love and Compassion - is What we already Are..."

As we live our lives more and more as our True Self, we will naturally experience more and more Peace, Happiness, Freedom, Love and Compassion for all people, including ourselves - no matter what experiences show up in our lives.

These qualities are what the entire world needs and it's possible that you and I can contribute to making that happen - now... It REALLY is up to us!

And Effortless Meditation & Beyond will show us one of the easiest, quickest, most direct, most effective and most effortless meditations to get a glimpse of This Spacious Awareness and to deepen in This Spiritual Awakening which is already Here...

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